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However, the majority of children also spoke of the playground advantages of being in a relationship, such as the enhanced "social status and popularity" being a boyfriend or girlfriend could bring - as well as the social exclusion incurred by not being part of the boyfriend/ girlfriend culture.One boy admitted it was a "virtual rule" that "if you had a girlfriend you were marked out as cool, if you didn't you were a chav".

In contrast to what we hear in the media, many girls preferred comfy clothes, like tracksuit bottoms and hoodies - clothes that concealed rather than revealed the contours of their body.Prof Renold said: "Body anxiety was really strong in most girls’ talk about their bodies but was much less present in boys’ talk.Girls spoke a lot about constantly feeling watched and judged." The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.One boy talked about how his primary school 'girlfriend' of five years helped him cope with the death of his father."Children are actively learning everyday about the contradictory and often confusing ways in which gender and sexuality shape who they are, how they feel in their bodies, what they can do, where they can go, how they relate to others and how others relate to them," she said.when you’re older you have more independence." Similarly, some boys as young as 11 in the study said they had started weight training to gain a six pack - not to look good - but to protect themselves or their friends from being beaten up.

Prof Renold said: "It wouldn’t make sense just to address this risk by banning magazines advertising high heels for pre-teen girls or tightening up on the age laws of gym membership – it would involve a much broader intervention around physical safety and peer violence, as well as combatting gender and sexual stereotypes." When it came to the pressure to conform to being in a relationship - even as young as 11 - more girls than boys found it difficult to resist, and it was often talked about as an inevitable part of being a "normal girl" and "something you had to get used to", according to the study.

The 33-year-old two-time champion was at Smack Down general manager Daniel Bryan's home with her boyfriend John Cena.

But while capturing herself, the WWE stunner gave viewers more than she realised when giving a tour inside the ex-heavyweight champion's pad in Arizona, US.

"I was drugged, I was very groggy, there were lots of people with guns, lots of young guys laughing and talking," she said.

The images were widely circulated, shocking many in the country which suffers a high rate of criminal violence towards women.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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