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After Seven transports out from his vault, the scene with Kirk, Spock and Roberta has been restructured.The three were scripted to come into Seven's private office together, they weren't aware of the vault transporter, and it was Spock who found the map of Mc Kinley Base.

Gary Seven is a man sent back in time from the 24th century, the only Earth man to ever survive the transit.She sits down at the typewriter to leave him a note.Roberta had nearly been killed by a falling chunk of a building, and had been pushed out of the way by a woman who instead died.When Seven poses as a CIA agent to Roberta, some of the dialogue was softened to make it a more friendly exchange.Originally, it was to be more combative, as it was in the first part of this scene.Immediately following Seven saying, "That's the same kind of nonsense that almost destroyed planet Omicron IV," a line has been cut: Balance of power won't work.

The other side will launch still more, they'll end up with the sky full of H-bombs waiting for just one mistake.

About 30–50 per cent of the Seven-Lincoln-Isis story is not developed yet. In the briefing room, a line by Spock is cut: Medi-scanners indicate it is a cat, Captain. Just before the Beta 5 says, "In response to nuclear warhead…" an exchange between Seven and the Beta 5 is cut: Are you a one-relay machine?

It feels much more like a Notable changes from the final-draft script to the produced episode include: The supplemental Captain's log which immediately follows Seven's capture where Kirk describes "A man in a 20th-century business suit. Clear a circuit; describe present mission of agents 201 and 347.

Mc Coy, turning the tables on Bones by asking him to think like a doctor, not a mechanic. Seven, was beamed up to the Enterprise for interrogation.

The frightened Roberta was soothed by Uhura, who reassured her that she was still among Earth people. Mc Coy was to enter the briefing room scene earlier, with Kirk showing impatience with him to report.

The woman looked very much like her, and Roberta found Seven's address on her body.

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