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In cities around the world, traffic congestion costs commuters millions of hours every year and billions in lost productivity.

It also claims it produces less noise than other models already available on the marketplace.Air travel has historically been seen as an expensive proposition, due in great part to the small volume of production in the aerospace industry.Mass production of vehicles like the Passenger Drone could potentially revolutionise transport methods in the future.The EHang 184 has built in reinforcements for all flight systems, so that in the unlikely event that a component does fail, multiple backups are already in place to seamlessly take over.EHang's independently developed Fail-Safe System ensures that if any components malfunction, or if there's damage while the AAV is in-flight (i.e.The vehicle's structure is composed of lightweight and strong carbon fibre composites, especially created for Passenger Drone.

The avionics, stability systems and electrical control systems have been custom designed especially for the company.from a bird), the aircraft will immediately begin taking the necessary precautions to ensure safety.The 184's Fail-Safe System automatically evaluates the damage and determines whether the AAV will need to land to ensure its passenger's safety.In a written statement, a company spokesman said: 'On-demand aviation and manned drones has the potential to radically transform how we get from place to place, and to restore precious lost family and personal time to commuters worldwide.'Overall, the lower cost and improved flexibility provided by aerial drone technology may afford compelling solutions for individuals, businesses or governments worldwide.'Passenger Drone is excited and passionate about the potential benefits, and positive impact VTOL urban air transportation can offer.' Equipped with 16 electric engines, the firms says Passenger Drone is a low-noise, high-speed, and economical mean of transportation with zero emissions.Incredible images and video footage have captured the first manned flight of an autonomous drone that could revolutionise the daily commute.

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    While much of the content caters to post-adolescents and college-aged youths (i.e.