Who has declan donnelly dating

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She started her career as a dancer but in 1994 joined the band Deuce.

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We had to have three referees back us up of course, to say we were who we said, including the local priest!

"I'm not sure we'll all ever be able to get together again, we're all getting old, Sean is 93 now! "There were no wives or husbands involved in Sunday, just the brothers and sisters.

We had a beautiful cake and the Guinness adjudicator flew over to verify that everything was in order." Leo said it is a great achievement that the family will now be included in the annual Guinness Book of World Records next year. When we started this thing there was a determination to bring it all the way and it's great now to have that title.

LISA Armstrong has found her marriage to Ant Mc Partlin in the spotlight for much of the past 12 months.

Unfortunately, The Sun's Bizarre column revealed the strain proved too much for the couple, who are divorcing after 11 years of marriage.

The band went on to release two more singles and an album before splitting up in 1997.

The couple met at a pop concert at Newcastle City Hall in 1994, when she was performing with Deuce and he was performing with his best pal Declan Donnelly in their band PJ & Duncan.The siblings are the children of Peter and Ellen Donnelly, who welcomed 16 children throughout their marriage.While Leo said his dad "died young" at 79, his mum Ellen Mullen lived well into her 90s.Peter was a very successful farmer and entrepreneur, with a successful apple empire.The Armagh man was one of the first people in Northern Ireland to have a tractor, and to secure a license to export apples and potatoes to the UK.Here's the lowdown on Lisa and her relationship with the much-loved TV host.

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