What is the purpose of consolidating and codifying legislation

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What is the purpose of consolidating and codifying legislation - dinner dating oxfordshire

Recovery is a complex and long-running process that will involve many more agencies and participants than the response phase.It will certainly be more costly in terms of resources and it will undoubtedly be subject to close scrutiny from the community, the media and politicians alike.

Other government involvement in national level recovery structures will depend upon the specific emergency. Where emergencies cross government (or in the case of Northern Ireland, country) boundaries, it is clearly still vital that recovery efforts are co-ordinated.

However, responsibilities devolved to the Welsh Assembly must be taken into account in recovery planning.

[TBC] The principles and guidance set out above are relevant to Northern Ireland.

Reference should be made to the contents of the Community Risk Register when producing the plan to ensure it reflects the hazards and threats in the local area.

The template has been developed to enable it to be adapted for use at different levels, - on a regional, local resilience forum () or local authority geographic footprint.

When carrying out their recovery planning, local authorities, along with their local and regional resilience forum partners, need to agree how they would co-ordinate the recovery from emergencies that cross local authority boundaries.

The agreed arrangements need to be detailed in the relevant local and regional plans.In light of that, a ‘Recovery plan guidance template’ has been drawn up using examples from many existing local authority recovery plans and the experience of those affected by events such as severe flooding and other major emergencies both in the UK and abroad.The template provides generic guidance to assist in the recovery phase of emergencies.It is therefore essential for the process to be based on well thought out and tested structures and procedures for it work in an efficient and orderly manner.Non-statutory guidance on the multi-agency structures and processes that can be used during the recovery phase is given in ‘Emergency response and recovery’.However, recent emergencies have shown that local responders would benefit from access to more detailed guidance, hence the production of this National Recovery Guidance.

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