Was meredith kercher dating rudy guede

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Was meredith kercher dating rudy guede - Chatral collige girl sex

The question of who killed Meredith Kercher, a British student living in Perugia, Italy, in 2007, was seemingly answered, if not right away, then in due time.American student Amanda Knox, one of Kercher's roommates, was convicted of the murder—as were the Italian man Knox had been dating at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede, a man originally from Ivory Coast who Kercher had met at their neighbors' place downstairs.

That could be because, from the beginning, the circus far outshone the evidence as far as the investigation went. No one deserves that." ( that the Kerchers didn't want to talk to them for the film, making it "clear that every time they have to talk about this it's reexamining this wound.")For a year leading up to their trial, everything reported on Knox and Sollecito carried a tinge of the salacious. Not a turn of events that would satisfy anyone looking for definitive answers."The international spotlight on the case in fact resulted in the investigation undergoing a sudden acceleration," the judges also concluded.Journalist Nick Pisa, who helped lead the media charge against Knox at the time, candidly talks in the film about his efforts to get a leg up on the story using whatever means possible.Just like her phone calls, Mignini ordered all of her conversations in prison to be taped as well.As it was later determined, however, first he went home, washed his hands, changed his clothes and went to a nightclub. While Guede's conviction stands, much like the case of the unsolved killing of Jon Benét Ramsey, there's still a sense of unease swirling around the Kercher murder case, which is closed and yet…not.So much information presented by the police, the court, the media and everyone in between—but also so many distorted observations and flat-out assumptions. Obviously Knox made Sollecito and Guede do it with her manipulative, seductive ways. It was practically the Manson family all over again.But their arrests and that trio of guilty verdicts was only the beginning—and it's doubtful that , a new documentary that started streaming on Netflix Friday, will be the end."There are those who believe in my innocence and those who believe in my guilt.

There is no in-between," Knox says in a voiceover during the film.

Why didn't Knox call the police when she saw blood in their bathroom, Kercher's door was locked and she couldn't reach her on her cell phone?

Instead, Knox apparently went back to Sollecito's place and casually told him about what she observed.

Either I'm a psychopath in sheep's clothing, or I am you."That's quite the choice she's laying out for us.

Knox had already spent two years in an Italian prison—and, as she has described it, what sounds like anyone's version of a personal hell—by the time she and Sollecito were convicted of murder and sexual violence in December 2009.

Guede had said Kercher was fully clothed when he ran off and he left her bedroom door open.

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