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The polish guy kicks off again saying he’s just trying to rob us, I convince him every bar will have someone outside and he comes in. I skip as its only 10pm, too early really and too dead.Polish guy keeps saying how much he wants to fuck the barmaid which is pretty funny.

In the town of Salou every year thousands of british students descend to the town in spain to go on sports ‘tour’.There is a load of sawdust on the floor too, clearly for all the sick and drinks later on that will inevitably end up on the floor.Dan finishes his drink and the other lads are outside so we go to join them.A girl was raped on Salou beach last year and when I mentioned it the dick irish and dutch guys decided to shout ‘who did you rape’ and think it was funny.Good job we were in Spain and nobody spoke English. We walk along the beach strip for a while, people pissing in bushes etc on the way.Tons of people approach us with flyers, the best night out blah blah. We chat to the guys and ask if we need wristbands to get in tonight to which they say ‘yes’.

Dan convinces them we managed to get beaten up and have our bands taken off us.

Somehow he seems to believe it or just plays along to get us into the bar early.

He offers us a free shot if we go in and buy a drink. We go to the bar and they give us our shots and the lads buy a litre of beer for 5 euro on special.

Polish guy is in the toilet, I wait for him as he is sound and the other lads walk off ahead like dicks after I ask them to wait for us. I get the promoters name and say we will be back later.

I go back in the bar and Wojiech is just chatting up the barmaid badly, I tell him we need to go, he takes his drink after kissing her hand. We walk down the main strip trying to catch the other lads.

Oh wait the lady next to us on the train was English and said she was ‘disgusted’, great start to the night. After a small bit of chat with the northerners they said they had no idea about any parties in Salou and had ‘only just arrived’. The beach strip and fountains are just awesome here, really are nice. We get near this bar and a standard black man chats up Anton (irish) about coming to his bar for drinks as its really cheap and got a good vibe.

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