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If you both see the wisdom in setting limits on daughter, you can expect daughter to ratchet up her demandingness.

Children’s loyalties are to their old families and new spouses in step-parent roles (whether this term is used or not) are not easily listened too.

This probably seems silly but I feel like I have to fight for any attention from my husband with my step daughter! and the boys are all grown now but she is 16 now and manipulates him so well I am about to throw in the towel!! She does little things like saying dad over and over again when she talks to him and it is just me and him there with her.

She gets anything she wants from dad because (he has come right out and told me) he feels guilty because she doesn’t live with us! She is a sports-aholic so he goes to all her games and even practices… She has tourneys all through summer so we haven’t done any family time in about 9 yrs! She always wants to go to games of any kind like other high school games/practices or watch them on tv I am ready to give up!

They make policy together and speak with one voice, individually resisting any given child’s attempts to manipulate or to play one parent off the other to gain advantage.

They also keep confidences for one another and do not share private adult business with children.

Also, the child’s successful manipulation of the adult caregiver isn’t good for the child.

She is rewarded, essentially, for dominating her caregiver and comes to see her caregiver as weak.I need some me time with hubby we haven’t had a romantic night since well…forever… Instead, it is a very real and unfortunately common problem that occurs in some marriages.Households where children from prior marriages are combined are perhaps particularly vulnerable to this sort of thing happening, for reasons which will hopefully become clear in a moment.You both should be ready for daughter to throw fits and perhaps even move out (if she can).This is all normal, and will tend to subside once it becomes clear that the new limits you both set are not something she can manipulate.You both need to set limits with the daughter and keep them, and make some protected time for yourselves.

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