Voicecam gratis

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Voicecam gratis

However, I feel that I also have an additional responsibility to act as his voice to raise awareness in hopes that new treatments are developed and to help prevent any further children from being needlessly harmed by the very shots that are supposed to be protecting them.I'm very glad that you decided to stop by our little corner of the web to learn more about Cam and ASD. Included in Cam's Voice you will find additional information about ASD, updates on the treatments Cam is undergoing, and guidance on how you too can help find a cure for ASD and support children and families that have been affected by this disorder.

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For our son this had been ever more so because he was nonverbal until he was 3 years 7 months old and remains language delayed today. Although this is the diagnosis that doctors have given, the truth is that the trigger of this diagnosis was the poison that was contained in Cam's childhood vaccinations.

As Cameron's mother my first duty is to ensuring his health and development.

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