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The INTEGRITY RTOS always services the highest priority interrupt with absolute minimum latency.

Unlike other memory-protected operating systems, INTEGRITY never sacrifices real-time performance for security and protection.The kernel also avoids instructions with long latencies that could temporarily block interrupts on some systems.INTEGRITY’s unique memory quota system keeps one address space from exhausting the memory of any other.But the INTEGRITY RTOS protects both critical applications and itself from the malfunctions that can lead to these failures.To do this, INTEGRITY provides guaranteed system resources that ensure that CPU time and memory resources will always be available to individual processes, no matter what any other process attempts to do.Each platform includes the INTEGRITY RTOS as well as development tools, industry-specific middleware, reference hardware, and documentation.

By combining all the core software and documentation into a highly-integrated platform developers can: Since its release over 18 years ago, INTEGRITY RTOS technology has received a number of certifications and accreditations that testify to its leadership pedigree and also enable developers to achieve the highest levels of safety, security, and reliability in their designs: The INTEGRITY RTOS provides all the capabilities embedded designers need to enforce the policies of separation, damage limitation, and information flow control as well as provide secure networking for today’s more complex and connected applications.But this can lead to problems because it is impossible for the user process to anticipate the maximum stack size if it is subject to use by unknown code (i.e., the kernel).INTEGRITY's flexible multicore processor support provides users with a wide range of system architecture possibilities while delivering real-time deterministic performance with secure, reliable separation policies.Embedded system designers can select the multiprocessing architecture that is right for the task.When coupled with the advanced multicore debugging features found in the Green Hills MULTI tool suite, developers will reduce their time-to-market while increasing system performance and reliability.From inception, the INTEGRITY RTOS was designed so that embedded developers could ensure their applications met the highest possible requirements for security, reliability, and performance.