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Diversified funds These funds invest in companies spread across sectors.

Can the rejected Transfer In order be rectified & sent for re-processing? What are the documents required for Transmission of mutual fund units? Do I have to pay any entry load for mutual fund purchases made after August 01, 2009 ? How does the new SEBI Guidelines impact my mutual fund transactions ?

They charge a small management fee, which is normally 1.5 per cent of the total funds managed.

NAV or Net Asset Value of the fund is the cumulative market value of the assets of the fund net of its liabilities.

NAV per unit is simply the net value of assets divided by the number of units outstanding. The unit value may vary depending upon the performance of the company and companies may default in payment of interest/principal on their debentures/bonds/deposits.

Buying and selling into funds is done on the basis of NAV-related prices. Besides this, the government may come up with new regulation which may affect a particular industry or class of industries.

What is Transfer In : How to place order for online Transfer In? What process to be followed if Folio is held in joint mode but account is in single mode?

Is submission of canceled cheque or other proof of bank account mandatory?

What are the factors that influence the performance of Mutual Funds?

What are documents required in case if I have only changed the bank account type from NRI to RI or vice versa and not the bank account number?

What are the rights that are available to a Mutual Fund holder?

As a new investor how do I select a particular scheme?

Generally, investors, by themselves, may have reasonable capability, but to assess a financial instrument a professional analytical approach is required in addition to access to research and information and time and methodology to make sound investment decisions and keep monitoring them. Since Mutual Funds make investments in a number of stocks, the resultant diversification reduces risk. It is possible to invest in small amounts as and when the investor has surplus funds to invest. They are best suited for investors who are seeking capital appreciation.