Twitter not updating timeline

26-Jan-2020 09:28 by 10 Comments

Twitter not updating timeline - Phone durty chat room

The modifications include giving users who've received unwanted sexual advances on the social network the power to report them.

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“We noticed across the board this caused users to create and interact more.Twitter's Thursday release of its safety calendar is a step toward being more transparent.The calendar spells out upcoming changes to the company's rules.Far too often in the past we've said we'd do better and promised transparency but have fallen short in our efforts.An embedded Tweet brings brings your pick of content from Twitter into your website articles.Right now, the change will just show up as an option for users, but the company will gradually turn it on for parts of its user base.

Once turned on, the users will get a notification that it’s activated and have an option to jump straight to the settings screen to turn it off if they like.

It’s easy to embed a Tweet by copy and pasting HTML markup from the Tweet menus on and Tweet Deck, programmatically in your CMS using our o Embed API endpoint, or by installing our Word Press plugin.

Embedded timelines are an easy way to embed multiple Tweets on your website in a compact, linear view.

Display the latest Tweets from a Twitter account, lists, your curated collections, or tap into the live conversation with a search query.

If Twitter is going to fix its growth problem, it’s going to have to make some drastic moves — and, with an update today, that means even changing the timeline.

The tweets — there are around a dozen or so on average, Haq said — show up in reverse chronological order.