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“The Coke sign, the gateway to Kings Cross, was like the Statue of Liberty for the lost souls of Sydney – and the rest of Australia, and New Zealand too. The Tasmanian Government is under pressure to find a new surgical abortion service, after the closure of the state's only clinic.

He said the number of surgical abortions, a procedure done after nine weeks, had declined."Back in 2000 there were 25 to 30 surgical terminations a week and that's slowly dropped due to the combined effects of contraception and managing it earlier," he said.Bursting with artistic curiosities that will challenge your morality as well as top-notch food and drink options, this is a must see attraction for anyone visiting the Apple Isle.Depending on how you time your visit, you might be able to take in a festival or check out a film at the Mona Cinema.The Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) has extended a total fire ban across much of the state and Parks and Wildlife has ruled out campfires for the rest of summer.TFS said the total fire ban would remain in place in the south of the state and extend to the entire north and parts of the north-west until midnight on Friday.Dr Hyland said the majority of women accessing termination in Tasmania used a medical abortion, which was available up to nine weeks."There are going to be women presenting for surgical abortions above nine weeks," he said."We're talking about four weeks of pregnancy gestation that needs to be accommodated by a service."No private provider is going to do it so the Government is going to have to do something about it, bearing in mind their budget, values and politics."Family Planning Tasmania's chief executive, Cedric Manen, said since the closure there had already been a case of a woman needing to travel interstate.

He expected more would follow and said that is "absolutely not ideal for any woman in Tasmania".In 2013, Tasmania joined Victoria and the ACT in removing any reference to the medical procedure in criminal laws.The law allows terminations at up to 16 weeks with the woman's consent, and after 16 weeks with the agreement of two doctors.The Apple-Isle is known for its breath-taking sights and natural beauty, but that’s not the only reason why it’s a perennial favourite among travellers. If you plan to visit Tasmania, here are five must-see attractions that will lodge themselves in your memory long after the fact.If you are travelling to Tasmania by car or campervan, island hop to Australia’s southernmost state on Spirit of Tasmania and make your way to Hobart to see the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).Temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius are forecast for the towns of St Helens, Fingal and St Marys, and the bureau expects surrounding areas to be about two degrees hotter.