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My friend Crybaby and I would bounce back and forth with our assessments.Crybaby's family had one of the first Betamax video recorders in the neighborhood.

Just last week, I was in San Francisco, and visited Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Books bookstore, which not only was the publisher of many Beat writers, but the place served as their unofficial headquarters for several years.

I seriously doubt you had an aching interest in the trials and tribulations of some 41 year old atheist Jew from the foothills of Wheeling, West Virginia.

Nonetheless, for better or worse, you will become intimately acquainted with how I perceive the world.

Somehow I managed to summon the courage and move on.

That haiku accounted for roughly 2% of my inspiration to become a writer. You might inquire, where was the other 98% of inspiration derived from? At the impressionable age of eleven, I developed a fascination with pro wrestling.

And until I started writing this piece, I was never quite sure of all the things he did.

I just knew he was considered the top motorsports journalist ever, but I didn't know exactly how much he had done for the sport.The decision to employ parentheses probably helped seal the deal in the minds of the judges.Years later I discovered the format was structurally incorrect.Economaki, who died in 2012, never bothered to learn how to use a computer.He wrote everything on a typewriter, even when everyone else in the media was tapping away on laptops.After every race, all the journalists gather in the Economaki Press Conference Room for the post-race interviews, as well as any interviews after accidents, as well as Qualification Day and special press conferences.

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    Slumps in the local textile trade could lead to hundreds of handloom weavers suddenly in need of relief.