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Music had moved from the MP3 to Free Lossless Audio Codec, or FLAC, a new format that offered perfect CD quality. Television shows were available within minutes of airing, sometimes copied from “backhaul” sources that provided better image quality than even a legal cable subscription.

In 2001, Napster shut down its servers in response to a federal order.It began with low-quality MP3s sourced from Internet chat rooms. But Napster brought digital copyright infringement to the mainstream, and soon a generational shift was taking place.By the end of my first semester, I’d filled my 2GB hard drive. Everyone my age shared music, and no one thought twice about it.In between though, there was what some have called the “golden age of the Internet”—a period of experimentation, where average citizens could communicate through borders and share information without limitations.(My parents wouldn’t let me listen to such filth, so I labeled the cassette “Mazzy Star.”) But digital piracy was different: On a college campus in the late ’90s, you could find access to every song ever recorded, for free. Shawn Fanning, who wrote the original code for the application, was, like me, a teenager spending much of his time in the Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, underground.You couldn’t just “leech” free media like you could on the Pirate Bay—you had to contribute files or bandwidth of your own.

There was a utopian aspect to them, and they had everything. Its founder, a British database administrator named Alan Ellis, was arrested on a felony racketeering charge.

The torrenters were the last of the ideologues: anti-profit, pro-freedom political dissidents who volunteered tremendous amounts of time and energy to keeping the file-sharing ecosystem alive, at considerable personal risk.

But they operated outside the protection of the law, and this made them vulnerable.

From the moment I arrived at college in 1997, I was a pirate. Its infancy had been a time of academic cultivation.

Its mature form today is mostly a corporate affair.

In 2012, Megaupload, the leading digital storage locker, was shut down by the FBI, and its proprietor Kim Dotcom was arrested by a SWAT team.

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