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INQUIRY USB3 interface is powered directly through the USB3 cable with no need for an additional external source.

Development libraries (SDK) for Windows and Linux x86 are included in the USB3 or Gig E module delivery packages.A custom designed hardware solution, Thermal Capture enables users to store RAW data directly on a USB memory stick, along with additional data.This custom-built hardware can be easily accommodated on the rear side of a FLIR Tau2 camera core and can be integrated along with the camera into existing holders.However, no such real compact storage solution was available on the market to apply this approach.Thamke and Ax later decided to build their own solution.All common functionalities for analysis of such data (temperature on the spot, minimum and maximum of the area, temperature profile, zoom, change in temperature scale, color palette, emissivity etc.) are available within the software, as well as extending functions such as GPS position on a map, or displaying the digital picture taken by WIRIS.

See the data list for further information on all functionalities.

When an image has missing links or stripes, Thamke and Ax thought that it would be practical to have local digital data storage onboard the UAV, besides the video transmission.

This approach would ensure that the quality of the video does not degrade due to transmission, and that the raw material can also be utilized for post-processing.

The hardware is also suitable for users who have combined the FLIR Tau2 core into their UAV and want to extend their functionality with storage.

For Te Ax Technology, the FLIR Tau2 camera core proved to be a perfect product, thanks to its excellent image quality, compact design and low weight, all of which make it easy to incorporate onto a UAV.

USB3 interface is fully compatible with USB3 Vision and Gen-I-Cam protocols.