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Spiritualityofdating com

A key issue not addressed in these discussions is whether the current generation's contraceptive practices influence the decision to hook up rather than date.I argue that one cause of younger women's sexual assertiveness today is the increased use of contraception, which in turn promotes a mentality that sustains the practice of hooking up and an insufficient anthropology.

On the other hand, in order to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves and those set by their parents, she states that her research suggests women do not have time to invest time, energy, and emotion into a deep relationship.

Additionally, the CDC reports that the condom is the leading method at first intercourse, while the pill is the leading method of women under 30.

See “Use of Contraception and Use of Family Planning Services in the United States: 1982–2002,” 8 January 2009).

The 1980s, however, witnessed an increased use in condom while the use of birth control pills declined.

The study reports that since 1988 condom use has continued to increase and newer forms of contraception for women, such as long-acting hormonal methods, have been introduced. Although we teach young persons about sex, she argues, they receive little instruction as to how build quality relationships and foster true intimacy.

When it comes to hooking up and alcohol, Stepp notes these “unspoken rules” of the hooking up culture: “Girls get drunk with girls, guys with guys, and the sexes then come together to drink more, flirt, dance and hook up” (113).

Alcohol is the “social lubricant that fuels the unhooked culture, beginning in high school and particularly in college, where intercourse becomes more common” (115).For more on this discussion, see It should be noted, however, that just because there may no longer be a fear of pregnancy and the resulting shame that often accompanied an unplanned pregnancy, both Stepp and Bogle argue that the hookup culture places unusual burdens on women.For Stepp, the aftermath is not only real, but can include serious physical and emotional risks for women (, 224–37).Pearson also notes that even if the sexual education program revolves around an abstinence-only theme, the bulk of time is still spent discussing STDs, how condoms do not fully protect, and that the only way to be safe is to abstain. The typical monthly birth control pill is taken every day for three weeks, followed by one week of placebo (inactive) pills. The first, referred to as either Seasonale or Seasonique, reduces the number of menstrual cycles the average woman has from thirteen per year to approximately four per year.The second new option, Lybrel, is even more convenient.The first group attended public and private high schools in the Washington, DC area.

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