Spencer and stephanie pratt dating

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Spencer and stephanie pratt dating - sample of female online dating profile

The reality star first sparked concern when she posted a photo of herself with smudged mascara running down her face, and the caption, ‘Make-up by JM’– the initials of her boyfriend Jonny Mitchell.READ MORE CELEB NEWS MORE: ‘So scary’: Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt left shaken by STABBING incident…

This doesn't sound like it's going to be a happy story."I moved in with him because he was, like, 'You're my soul mate.' He's so good with that stuff," she explained.

The younger sister of the reality star currently lives in London, occasionally starring in England's version of will remember that Stephanie and Spencer's relationship wasn't exactly stellar, so it's not too much of a shock that the father-to-be didn't immediately go running to his sister to share the good news.

Still, you'd think there'd at "The look on her face, I can’t even describe it. "I thought she was about to say she made muffins or banana bread.

“Spencer and Heidi tend to do things in their own way.

I'm really happy for them both.” Stephanie, who previously dated Joey Essex, said her sister-in-law was “born to be a mum” and that her brother is really good with children.

“I believe my music is more convincing and relevant,” Spencer, 25, recently said. That’s why I’m a new rapper – I have substance.” The reality star also made his feelings about Ash known on his Twitter page, saying he can’t believe his sister “is hanging out with that nerd Asher Roth!

Stephanie Pratt joined Made in Chelsea for series 6 after famously dating Spencer Matthews and has been a regular face ever since.

Just last week, Spencer Matthews went public with Stephanie Pratt (best known for her time on The Hills, and being related to Speidi) after he invited her to be his date to the Grand Prix ball.

Well, now it looks like the couple are taking it one step further, at last night's gala of A Curious Night At The Theatre, she met his friends. We're not talking any friends, we're talking Spencer's Made in Chelsea co-stars Francis Boulle and Jamie Laing.

Would you like to see Stephanie on Made in Chelsea?

The two got hot and heavy at Body English in Las Vegas on April 23, partying until 5 a.m.

“He had a really good night and hasn’t stopped talking about her,” a friend of Asher‘s tells Life & Style.

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