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(TXF: "Home") Fox played right-field in baseball and owned a New York Nets replica basketball jersey.

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The only regular responsibility that they had was getting home in time for dinner.

Although he initially thought the mantis was a leaf, he screamed when he realized the insect's true nature.

He later remembered that his scream wasn't a "girlie" one, but of a person being "confronted by some before unknown monster that had no right existing on the same planet [he] inhabited." He was repulsed by the mantis and has hated insects ever since.

(TXF: "Dreamland II") On the evening of November 27, 1973, Fox was twelve when he was babysitting for his eight-year old sister in 2790 Vine Street, Martha's Vineyard.

(TXF: "Little Green Men", "Pilot", "Conduit") By an unknown force that Fox later came to believe was alien, Samantha was taken from the house without explanation.

For several years after the incident, Fox had nightmares about being trapped in a burning building. (TXF: "Fire") Mulder's phobia of fire, established in the episode "Fire", was never referred to again.

Some fans speculate that Mulder may have overcome his phobia in the establishing episode, yet others believe that Mulder's fear remains but was just never dealt with. (TXF: "731") His ambition was to become an astronaut and his hero was NASA Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt.

(TXF: "Little Green Men", "Paper Hearts") He also liked playing Stratego with Samantha.

(TXF: "Little Green Men", "Colony", "Paper Hearts") Fox and his sister are seen playing Stratego before Samantha's abduction in the episodes "Little Green Men" and "Paper Hearts", but those sequences may not be historically accurate.

L was the base trim level in 1981, and the MSRP on a four-door L sedan was ,633.

That’s about ,500 in inflation-adjusted 2016 dollars, so this car was very affordable.

Sometimes it’s hard to say why a particular car ended up in a place like this. It’s completely rust-free, as one would expect from a car sold in bone-dry New Mexico and driven in nearly-as-bone-dry Colorado.