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However, he is quick to add that he does not think this finding is going to counter the large body of literature showing that females, of many species, are the more selective gender.

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Psychologists have found that although men choose, on average, half of the women present, women choose to see only a third of the men again. Among animals, females are usually the picky ones, because they make the larger reproductive investment.

"In scenarios with men sitting and women rotating, those seated men could have become more selective simply because they could gather more waist-to-hip information than men who only socialized with seated women." Regardless of the reason for the effect, Finkel and Eastwick's findings have the potential to force a re-analysis of data collected from earlier speed-dating studies.

"The results from older studies are likely to be changed if we repeat past speed-dating experiments with women rotating instead of men," says Kurzban.

They told us it was because women tend to have purses and other things to carry and because 'it seems more chivalrous'," says Eastwick.

So the researchers decided to explore whether having males literally walking up to seated females was having a psychological effect.

But not all past speed-dating research will have to be re-run, says Todd.

Many studies — such as those that use speed-dating interactions as 'stimuli', with third-party individuals watching a speed date and being asked to judge the romantic interest of others — would not be affected.

"The best success is combining entertainment with a message that conveys something about the product."As for the handful of actors who each got taken for ride, well, Zuehlk says, "they were all good sports."One even asked to be taken for another spin.

Speed dating is not just popular among those looking for romance.

"It was astonishing that simply reversing which sex rotated demolished such a well-established sex difference, one that has frequently has been attributed to deep-rooted psychological adaptations," says Finkel.

The researchers think the reason for this phenomenon is related to embodiment — the idea that physical actions can alter perception.

The actors were asked to meet up with the show's supposed "star" who would determine if there was enough chemistry between them. When they first step into her Mustang GT – with a manual transmission – she acts like she hardly knows how to drive it.

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