South indian male dating white girls

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South indian male dating white girls - Yahoo online video sex chat

She otherwise does not seem like one of those non-black women who like black guys and are into black culture.So yeah, even in my multicultural US area, Indian/black dating and marriage is unheard of - I’ve never seen it.

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Her vibe is like that of other super-attractive, cool Indian American women. I’m guessing it’s her unusual black/white physical appearance that makes black men attracted to her.At the airport, my future father-in-law gave me the most brilliant smile I have ever received. As soon as we entered, she came from the kitchen and greeted me.I was feeling calm already and was instantly welcomed. I could tell that she was nervous and I touched her feet, a real sign of reverence and respect.This threw her off a little, but it may have helped. Later, that night, I caught a cold and so she insisted that I stay with them and she took care of me. S., my future husband was preparing to propose to me.At dinner, she served us, back and forth from the kitchen and at one point said something to which I replied with a smile, "Are you testing me? Up until that point, she had been a pretty tough cookie. That created a great bond between us and sealed the deal. After some time, I went travelling on my own and visited other relatives who took to me more than I could've dreamed. First he called his parent and asked them permission, which was very respectful. While I may not have been the vision that they had of the perfect daughter-in-law and I can't always meet their expectations, we get along well.When we decided that we wanted to overcome whatever was necessary in order to be together, we decided to go to India so I could meet the parents.

We tried to be as respectful as possible, for example, I believed I should come after his sister's wedding, not before, so that we wouldn't upstage the event or cause more pressure during that time.

To be fair, he also was unable to explain it to me.

Our relationship to social mores are like a fish's to water--hard to know that one is wet since one is immersed in it.

It’s really unfair how a more white look in ANY ethnicity will get you more love than a more “ethnic” look.

Back when my husband and I were dating, I had no comprehension of how serious of an impact dating an American woman would have on his family.

At one point, we broke up because we'd been dating quite some time and I had even moved to L. to be with him and he still hadn't told the family.

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