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His six-strong gang was caught 'red-handed' with 100kg of the drug, the court heard.Jailing him Recorder Paul Clements said: 'You don't have a criminal record of any note.

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The thug had been acquitted of Britain’s most notorious race killing but the subsequent reform of the double jeopardy law – a consequence of the Mail’s Lawrence campaign – meant he could be re-tried after compelling new forensic evidence emerged.I'm fairly sure it's a beagle thing and it means she's saying that when you've had a couple of drinks.from what I'd read, this Vacuum cleaner was about to revolutionise my life, never had I been quite so excited to hoover.Now I should add that my lovely lady who helps with the housekeeping had just hoovered the rug the day before we returned from our soiree so you would expect it wouldn't be all that bad.What actually happened was that after 1 hoovering run over our rug, and lounge and kitchen floors where we have no carpets the entire compartment was full, to the brim, I wasn't even sure where it had all come from but it seems like we were living in the dust bunnies favourite holiday spot.'Perhaps one of the problems with you is that, for various reasons, you have heard too much negativity about you and begun to believe the negative publicity about you.

'Perhaps it's time to walk away from that aspect of your personality and whatever or whoever it is controlling those parts.'He described the plot as a pre-planned and concerted effort to move substantial amounts of cannabis ends.

A substantial amount by any standards.'There was a sufficient flow of money down the channel that there must have been other transportations of cannabis.'Look at you all now sitting there, from the age running from 28 to 63.

All thoroughly ashamed and all to one degree or another you have ruined your lives.'All recognise the depth of the criminality, all apparently recognising how damaging drugs are to the people addicted to them.'All of you were involved in a pre planned concerted conspiracy to move substantial amounts of cannabis that in any estimation would have kept the people of Newcastle area in spliffs for many a long day.' Acourt, a father of one, was a 'buffer', handling more than a dozen bundles of cash, ranging from £15,000 to £40,000 each, in return for 2.5% of the money.

In 2012, Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted at the Old Bailey of murdering Mr Lawrence and jailed for life.

Acourt was also arrested but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) formally discontinued the case against him after a meeting with the senior investigating officer.

As you know, I also have 2 cats, Poppy and Pyracantha so they add to the dust but never did I imagine that the issue was as bad as it clearly was.