Singer sewing machine model dating

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Singer sewing machine model dating - most intimidating questions

The machine in question is a Thimonnier dating back to the 1830s built by Barthelemy Thimonnier - one of few true claimants to the title of inventor of the .

For repairs, there is no substitute for a specific machine’s Service Manual (and parts list).

The foot treadle is now used to control the speed and a metal lever hanging underneath is manipulated by the sewers knee to raise the sewing foot.

Made of cast iron and mounted in a sturdy wooden table-top, the thing weighs a ton.

What is probably the most important find this century has surfaced in South America.

Actually the machine was discovered quite some years ago but its significance wasn't appreciated until early this year.

First they built a hydro-electric dam and flooded his ancestral home creating Fontana Lake.

Then the government took axe in hand and cleared away some useless and unsightly old growth forest.

It’s named after a Cherokee leader who refused relocation via the Trail of Tears.

He and his band of followers hid in the mountains of Western North Carolina until their capture by the government. The government was so moved by his bravery they decided to build a monument to his name.

Barthelemy Thimonnier and Magnin took a boat to England and two years later in an attempt to publicise the machine showed it at the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park.

Some reports say that the machine arrived too late to be included in the judging which could have provided publicity the pair needed to kickstart but for one reason or another it did not excite favourable comment from the judges.

Barthelemy Thimonnier made his first basic machine in 1830 and then produced a series of improvements.