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Chris Harwood was brought onboard as the department’s paid administrative assistant in August.According to the job description, the assistant fire chief position, under the direct supervision of the fire chief, would “provide broad direction to Fire Department training programs and specific direction during focused training” and “supervise activities during training and at emergency scenes …”Mathis, whose in-laws live in the Rapid City area, followed the news surrounding Spearfish’s fire department and became aware of the new positions offered.“In fire service, we keep up on the news within fire service, so I knew everything that was going on prior to it (Spearfish’s fire department) becoming a city department,” he said.

The ordinance, which included the addition of paid chief to the department, was presented as an alternative to the creation of a fire protection district, which had been recommended in 2013as a funding model for the previously all-volunteer department by an independent consultant.He carries firefighter qualifications up through fire officer 3, is a certified instructor and EMT (emergency medical technician), and has experience as an airport firefighter.He added that the biggest life experience that’s going to help him with the position in Spearfish is the fact that he’s served as both a volunteer on various fire departments and as a paid staff member on a combination department that’s the exact model of Spearfish’s: Seward’s fire department has a paid chief, paid deputy chief, and paid administrative assistant.“So I’m literally coming from the exact same makeup; the only difference is there’s more volunteers,” he said, describing that Seward has about 32 volunteers, while a full volunteer roster for the Spearfish department is 63.that is in a state of transition,” Mathis said in a telephone interview Thursday from Seward, Alaska, where he currently serves as deputy fire chief for the city’s combination paid and volunteer fire department.The Spearfish Fire Department became an official city department in January, with its first paid fire chief, Mark Sachara, hired in April.Once settled, his role at the department would largely focus on training.“I do know my job is heavy on the training side,” Mathis said, adding that training is one of his favorite things about his job.

He said that he always stresses to senior firefighters that their role is to help make sure that junior firefighters become senior firefighters — and that they do it safely.

From their initial conversations, Mathis believes he and Chief Sachara will make an excellent team, and overall, Mathis expects that the assistant fire chief position in Spearfish will be a lot like what he’s been doing as deputy chief in Seward.“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” he said of taking on the role of Spearfish’s first paid assistant fire chief.

Once Mathis is in Spearfish, he would take an official oath of office at a future city council meeting.

The department rescinded the vote to dissolve in December 2015, after the taskforce, which included fire protection and emergency management professionals and current and retired volunteer firefighters, recommended a model to include the creation of a distinct city fire department with three full-time, paid positions alongside volunteers.

Both the administrative assistant and assistant fire chief positions were posted in July.

When the deputy fire chief’s position came open on that department, he got the job and became a paid firefighter for about three years, after which he worked as a federal firefighter, stationed at a chemical depot in Oregon as a firefighter engineer.

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