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Hadley Elkanah (or Monroe according to R‑75) Graves (1041) was born 22 Nov. 1897 in Sugar Ridge Twp., Clay Co., IN, died 20 Nov. Goldie Winifred Butts (1364), called Winifred, was born 14 Jan. 1991 in Union Hosp., Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN., and was buried in Ashboro Cem., Clay Co., IN. Dosie Ann Rose (2225) was born 1 June 1867 in Pondcreek Twp., Greene Co., MO, died in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, and was buried in Johns Chapel Cem., Ash Grove, Greene Co., MO. 1877 in Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC, died 24 July 1924 in Union Co., NC, and was buried in Mt. 1944 in Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC, and was buried in Mt.

The children of Henry and Anna were Mary or Martha, b. 14, 1869, and Woodford, born January 5, 1874, died October 16, 1878. 15, 1879, age 83 years, 7 months, 12 days, according to Hardin Family Cemetery, Madison Township, Washington Co., IN, copied by Mrs. In the book Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812: Detached from the Militia of N. in 18 is found an entry with the following information: Number: 1, Name: Nathaniel Tucker, Rank: Captain, Name of Federally Detached Unit: 1Bethena (or Bethany) Boling (93) was born 18 Feb.

After her mothers death in 1894, Elizabeth applied for the pension on the grounds that she was still a minor child of James and Elizabeth Graves; at that time daughter Elizabeth was married to G. This family was recorded on the 1880 census in Washington, Washington Co., IN living with his widowed mother Bethena, and the 19 censuses, still in Washington, IN; their children were born in Indiana. 1975 in Pinehurst, Moore Co., NC, and was buried in Ashley Heights Cem., Hoke Co., NC. 1883 on the Graves farm near Seagrove, Randolph Co., NC, died 15 July 1962 in Seagrove, NC, and was buried in Fair Grove Methodist Church Cem., Randolph Co., NC. 1891 on the family farm near Seagrove, Randolph Co., NC, twin of Willie Elias Graves, died 31 March 1977 at the Veterans Hospital in Tuskegee, Macon Co., AL, and was buried in Greenwood Cem., Panama City, Bay Co., FL. Alfred graduated from the University of Florida in 1937, served in the U. Army during the Utah Beach invasion in Normandy, France, returned to Marion Co., FL to teach for three years, and received his masters degree.

The vicinity of Benwood and all that part of Van Buren township, Clay Co., IN, was settled by the parents of the Graveses and Williamses, who have been life-long friends of the Hendrixes; their families intermarried. 1881 near Seagrove in Randolph Co., NC, died 25 Aug. 1955 according to the North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-1996.

Her daughter, PERMELIA CAROLINE BROOKSHIER, died Aug. A certified copy of the Choctaw Rolls, Mississippi, 1902, states that James Brookshire, whose Indian name was Old Blue Nose, and his wife, Sallie Graves, whose Indian name was Choyata, recorded spelling O-Ha-Ya, were both half Choctaw. Woolsey, stated he was born in Randolph Co., NC in 1811; father emigrated to KY, then to TN, then to Blount Co., AL. 27, 1854, and died April 1, 1860, is the one deceased. When a girl she joined the Christian church at Ladoga, but after all her children united with the Methodist church, during Rev. Mark Boling, son of Randolph and Jane Boling, passed away at his home here on the morning of January 27, 1922 at the age of eighty-two years and nineteen days, after an illness of several months, due to heart trouble.

Confession of Ervin, who was in jail in Huntsville awaiting execution for the murders of S. He sent greetings to his relatives still in NC: his mother, then living with Samuel, his brother Samuel and family, his brother Leonard and family, brother-in-law Joel Lucas and family, and brother Benjamin Graves. 1856 in Montgomery Co., NC claiming her said husband commenced a course of cruel treatment towards her and actually beat and abused her so badly that she was compelled on several occasions to leave her home and family; the divorce was granted 11 Sept. July 3, 1865, the mother died, and November 22, 1866, Mr. He was married to Agnes Catherine Cooper in 1877 and to this union was born five children, Alice Todd, of Edinburg; Effie Borden, of Indianapolis; Leona Mc Creary, of this place; and Jennie Boling, at home.

Mary Ann Graves (13) was born 5 April 1793 in Randolph Co., NC, and died 10 Oct. According to The Heritage of Montgomery County North Carolina 1981, Samuel Smitherman had two sons, Jesse Cox Smitherman, b. in the household of George and Elizabeth Cornwell, dwelling 114, page 300, children Noah and Sarah in the household of their sister [Mary] Jane Williams, dwelling 123, page 301, and Samuel with his sister Nancy Douglass family in Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN. According to R‑50, Mary Anns parents were Jacob Luther and Rachel Callicott, therefore brother and sister Richard Graves and Susan Jane Graves married sister and brother Mary Ann Luther and Hillary Luther. 1927 in Plattsmouth, Cass Co., NE, and was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cem., 3 miles south of Plattsmouth. This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Pontotoc Co., MS, Roll M432-380, p. The more important engagements in which he participated were those at Fort Donelson, where after being twice wounded, he was taken to the Marine Hospital at Evansville, and continued there for four weeks.

1831, while enroute from NC to Indiana by horseback train (soon after the group had crossed the border of either Ohio or Indiana), and was buried by the roadside in either Ohio or Indiana. He married Agnes (Agga) Graves (#254), daughter of Leonard Graves, Jr. 1833 in Randolph Co., NC as recorded in the Randolph County Marriage Bonds List, Book 1, p. Otto Bymaster and Oval Boling, of near Carpentersville. Leacy first married Isaiah Strider, son of William Strider and Clarissa Wright, on 20 April 1856 in Randolph Co., NC (Book 1, p. Bright and Micajah Cox performed and witnessed the ceremony. 1929 at her daughter Lillies home in Anadarko, Caddo Co., OK, and was buried 7 Jan. His name appears as Drury on most records, although on his death certificate it is given as Dorias, and in the newspaper article in The Plattsmouth Journal, Dec. 110B, the 1860 census in Ellistown, Pontotoc Co., MS, Roll M655-540, p. At Shiloh, where he had command of the headquarters of General Crufts; the siege of Corenth; the battles of Inka, Perryville, and Chickamauga; the various engagements during the march to Atlanta, and the siege of that city. 1862, m(1)‑‑‑‑‑‑, 7 June 1884 (Record C23 88 lists his age as 21), m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 12 Oct.

They were family 92; family 88 was her daughter Jane Luther as head of household; family 91 was Ransom Vuncannon and granddaughter Mary Luther; family 93 was her son Calvin Graves and his wife, and family 94 was her son Willis Graves. Much of this information is from Miss Ruth Ann Shaw, 1742 Pleasant St., Asheboro, NC 27203, who has the family Bible of Samuel Graves, and from Martha Prevost who copied Randolph Co., NC marriage bonds for R‑7.

A newspaper account in The Plattsmouth Journal, Dec. They were in the 1850 census for Ashborough, South Division, Randolph Co., NC, page 112, the 1860 census, also in Ashboro, and 1870 in Richland, Randolph Co. In 1880, children Alla, Dicy and Sarah were all single and living together in Richland Twp., Randolph Co., NC, page 205C, next door to John Franklin Graves (#819), a distant cousin, and his wife Lousada. 1826 as a son of this family, that is wrong; Cornelius was a brother of Westward Boling (as stated in estate papers) and a son of a John Boling found in Randolph Co., NCRichard and Jane were recorded on the 1850 census in Scott Twp., Montgomery Co., IN, the 18 censuses in Walnut Twp., Montgomery Co., IN; Jane was listed as a widow on the 1880 census in Walnut Twp., IN.

1959 in Zap, Mercer Co., ND, and was buried 28 Jan. Joseph Orlando Graves (1042), known as Orlando or Lindo, was born near Seagrove, Randolph Co., NC, died 3 March 1937 in Randleman, Randolph Co., NC, and was buried in Huldah Baptist Church Cem., Randolph Co., NC. Lloyd Thomas Lowdermilk (1342), called Thomas, was born 3 Oct. 1972 in Kokomo, Howard Co., IN, and was buried in Sink Cem., Highway 59 South, Clay City, Clay Co., IN. 1955 in Ferris, Ellis Co., TX, and was buried in Memorial Park Cem. Samuel Major Graves (2338) was born 25 April 1889 in Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC, died 25 Jan.

1871 on the Graves farm near Seagrove, Randolph Co., NC, died 23 Jan. Hoffman and Annie Barbara Holdifer of near Art, IN). 1981 in Riverview, Hillsborough Co., FL, and was buried in Roselawn Memorial Park, north of Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN. James Wesley Martin Monroe Mitchell (2056) was born about 1866 in Water Valley, Yalobusha Co., MS, died 28 Dec. Zion Cem., Zion Methodist Church, Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC. Zion Cem., Zion Methodist Church, Pageland, Chesterfield Co., SC.

Mary Loretta Graves (1046), known as Loretta, was born 7 Sept. 1970 in Franklin, Johnson Co., IN (Record M 19-582B), and was buried in Maple Grove Cem., Harrison Twp., Clay Co., IN. Lee Andrew Jordan (2360) was born in Chesterfield Co., SC according to his World War I Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918, and died 7 Sept.