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One of the ones that I really enjoyed was the "Living Dead Girl" remix, because it's seven minutes long.When I first listened to it, I was afraid that it might be boring, but one night as I was driving through LA and the lights were zooming by, I realized that it might be my favorite track.

But there's just nothing like walking out on stage in front of a crowd and playing music.But sometimes you're in a club and you hear that same song, but the bass is driving and people are dancing and the song takes on an entirely different life. MR: Rob, you've got a tour coming up with Marilyn Manson. Shooting the movie can be a lot of fun, but sometimes, the actual shooting can be as short as thirty days.It can be the same with bands -- sometimes, people don't understand the appeal of a band until they see them live. RZ: Yes, I start touring with Manson at the end of September. As I said, Jonathan Davis will be opening the show, then Manson will play and I am the last to play in every show. It's the other seven to twelve months that can make you crazy.If the groove isn't broken during the song, why change anything? I mean, there are some great Led Zeppelin songs where the groove doesn't change.MR: Do you think you'll be using some of the ingredients and grooves from this remix album in your new project? Right now, the record is really going well and we haven't done that.(laughs) Music is weird because it's affected by the headspace you're in and maybe even where you are when you hear a song sometimes.

Sometimes your atmosphere is what makes the music make sense.

But if early on some of the songs feel like they need to go to the next level, I may have some of these remixers come on and work on some of the new songs. Charlie Clauser from Nine Inch Nails worked a lot on my first solo record. My feeling is that I wanna do whatever it takes to make a great record. It seems that all of your remixers -- especially Jonathan Davis of Korn -- fit perfectly with your music.

Do you think you'll work with some of them on more than just remixes? Were you at all shocked by any of the remixes and maybe by who did them? I also wasn't familiar with everyone who was working on the remixes because that isn't really my world.

I think that a lot of times in rock music, there's a need to unnecessarily overcomplicate things.

You have a simple groove pounding away, but it seems too simplistic so you build it up and add another bridge or something. I'm working on a new album right now, and that's one of the many things that we're learning on this album.

The record that I did before in 2001 was probably a little bit more industrial, because that was the sound that was happening at the time.

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