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“I was also worried that my parents would find out, because I was stupid to do it so young and I know if they find out they will be really disappointed in me, and they would go mad. I wish I had waited.” Editor Annabel Brog, said: “Schools, the Government, media and parents all need to take responsibility for ensuring teenagers get clear mental, emotional and physical boundaries about what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to dating and sex.

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With my son I was just tired and a bit nauseous when hungry, this time i was sick up until I was about 19 weeks and then found out she is a girl.X Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app You should have titled it guess the sex as there are lots of people who are very familiar with nub and skull theory on here who would make a good guess.I have no confidence in guessing myself but have been reading up on it.One respondent said: “I was pressured into it by other people at school, lots of people at my school have done it before, and it wasn’t a very good time.We have been on/off for a year and we weren’t together when we did it and I thought it would make him like me more and stop messing me around, but afterward he stopped talking to me and now we hardly talk anymore.“Sugar is constantly endeavouring to raise levels of self respect among teenage girls so that they have the confidence and courage to say ‘no’.

Would love to know everyone's experiences I have had had a fantastic 2nd trimester so far but my 1st trimester I felt sick most of the time. This time I was so sick and felt dreadful for about 10 weeks. I only had mild sickness and nausea with him and had a lovely round bump. x I'm pregnant with a girl and have felt very sick but we both might just be unlucky with the sickness!Only 11% of parents insist on meeting the boys their children date.One teenage respondent said: “Cause my parents are so horrifically embarrassing, I would never live it down, I mention a boy’s name and all I hear is ‘Lauren’s got a boyfriend’ it’s so stupid.” Girls admitted to feeling under pressure to have sex and 47% said that the pressure comes from their peers.My first pregnancy i had no sickness nothing had the best preg ever. With my first and 2nd i didnt have much sickness felt fine was huge and were both boys this time i was sick till 14 weeks then on and off till week 18 look like s**t have not put any weight on just my bump and im having a girl! Her pregnancy, she suffered from bad ms, put on a little bit of extra weight, had swelling in her feet, and wasnt exactly glowing. So I'm thinking because my pregnancy is different to theirs I may be having a boy.Had few cravin for jacket pot and cheese n onion crisps. X Sent from my GT-N7100 using Netmums mobile app This is my first pregnancy and i've only just became noticably pregnant at 31weeks! I dont really feel pregnant aside from the little bump i have growing and obviously being able to feel the movements. However there are no boys in my family at all so who knows!?I carried high and had a nice lil bump had a feelin he was a boy n i was right. I am ten weeks pregnant, and once again craving savory. So should find out in about ten weeks if it's a boy again. My first pregnancy - no sickness/tiredness, huge but neat bump at the front, craved pears - loved being pregnant! My second pregnany - nausea all the way through, shattered all day, everyday from the start, developped gestational diabeties, weight put on all over, craved red wine (an absolute nightmare to live with! Ive had a really easy pregnancy aswell, occassionaly felt sick in the first trimester but nothing too much that bothered me. Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I had a boy first time and generally felt fine just a bit tired.