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Back at school, Bailey is determined to get into a college far from home, and the kissing protest convinces Ms. Finally, after the attention she gets convinces Claudia to dump her new bra, intimacy develops between Julia and Griffin as Charlie woos Kirsten by offering to adopt his baby brother Owen as their own.Series 2, Episode 3 CCUR Frustrated with her mother's demands, Kirsten returns from Chicago determined to plan and pay for the wedding with Charlie.

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When a restaurant patron notices a resemblance between him and Spencer, Charlie decides to assume responsibility, and he gives Pamela the money.

As Griffin's refusal to leave forces Julia to explain to an angry Justin, Sarah stuns Bailey by revealing she's in love with him.

And when they have second thoughts, Charlie and Kirsten return home to face an angry household, explaining that they just couldn't get married without everyone there.

Meanwhile, at Will's insistence, Bailey agrees to date Holly Blanchard, but is determined not to like it.

After making up with Justin, Julia discovers she was being deceived by Griffin when his girlfriend makes an unexpected appearance.

When Claudia suggests having the wedding at the restaurant and Julia presses her to wear their mother's faded and stained wedding dress, Kirsten snaps.

So when their friend Dudley suggests they avoid all the aggravation by eloping, she and Charlie consider getting married in Reno.

Series 2, Episode 4 CCUR After Joe is stricken with a heart condition, Kirsten suggests that Charlie find someone to help run the restaurant.

Although Joe reluctantly agrees, Claudia worries about turning over their family's business to a stranger.

However, when the other Salingers get involved, she finds that Bailey, Julia and Claudia aren't going to be any easier to work with.

Meanwhile, hoping to spark a romance between them, Sarah offers to help Bailey bolster his high school record by managing a campaign for senior class vice president, and Julia finds herself lying to Justin in order to keep seeing Griffin.

But after he breaks the news to Kirsten, mother and child disappear without a trace.

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