Ranvijay singh dating

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Ranvijay singh dating - Slut chat

They have lied to the man as they get him to the studio saying it is a youth show.The tables turn as now Taapsee sits at the bust location and she wonders what is the psychology behind the trolls that make then say all of this.

Taapsee and Rannvijay take the man to task as he is left speechless saying sorry.

Troll Police – the much talked about show goes on air tonight on MTV.

This is as Rannvijay Singh -youth icon and the host of the show states – one of its kind show.

Ashish the troll is a blogger which surprises Taapsee.

Rannvijay traps the guy in his own words as Taapsee is amused.

He talks about the show to begin with and its theme.

He then tells us the various kinds of trolls from sanskaari trolls to body shamer to slut shamers etc etc.

The guy totally contradicts himself as he is totally unaware of what trap he is so walking into.

Taapsee joins the crew as Rannvijay says that she is sitting in Delhi.

Rannvijay welcomes Tapsee who tells us how this is the profession of her choice being an engineer with distinction.

They read her comments and Rannvijay gets more and more pissed at the quality of comments.

MTV has always come up with different concepts and been a hit with youth in large numbers and this is a very engaging and fulfilling concept for this target group.

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