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• Professor of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, incumbent of the Jacob M. Eight pages interview in Le Monde 2, December 23rd, 2006. Story on the pollen research in the Sea of Galilee, with short interview, the New York Times 18. Shorter stories and interviews in Commentary, La Croix, L’Express, Le Figaro, The Guardian, Haaretz, Harper’s, The Herald Tribune, The Jerusalem Post, The Jerusalem report, Los Angeles Times, Marianne, National Geographic, the Smithsonian Magazine, Time, The Times, USA Today, US News and World Report, The Washington Post and more. Four-hour ARTE program titled La Bible devoilee, based on the book The Bible Unearthed. A great number of appearances in television documentaries produced by Discovery Channel, the BBC, PBS, ARTE, National Geographic, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, German TV programs etc (see list at the end).

C.—are nestled in the South Caucasus region on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.Wine cellars are still considered the holiest place in the home, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which deemed the winemaking method as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.Viniculture illustrates ingenuity, according to Lordkipanidze and Batiuk.Excavations by the Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Expedition (yes, their acronym is GRAPE) in a collaboration between University of Toronto and the Georgian National Museum have discovered ancient jars coated with chemical evidence of winemaking.The jars were discovered at two early ceramic Neolithic sites called the Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveri Gora, which are about 30 miles south of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.It also encourages artistic, linguistic, and technological expressions.

The domestication of grapes led to “the emergence of wine culture,” Lordkipanidze told The latest finding connects the ancient winemaking around 8,000 years ago to modern Georgia, but also further explains humanity’s history.

ed-Dawwara excavations 1987: Director of the Dhahr Mirzbaneh excavation 1995, 1999: Co-director, the Megiddo regional survey (with Prof. Halpern) 1992-present: Co-director, the Megiddo Expedition (with Prof. Ussishkin) 2005-present: Geo-archaeology project, the Negev Highlands (with Dr.

Ruth Shachak-Gross); excavations at Atar Haroa and Nahal Boqer (IA), el-Mustayer (Byz-EIs), Mashabe and En Ziq (IBA) 2009-2014: Various small field works related to the European Research Council project titled “Reconstructing Ancient (Biblical) Israel: The Exact and Life Sciences Perspective” 1983-1984: Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1986: Member of the Executive Committee of the Archaeological Survey of Israel 1985-1998: Member of the Excavation Permit Committee of the Archaeological Council of Israel 1987-present: Member of the Israel Exploration Society council 1989-1990: Member of the Executive Committee of the Second International Congress on Biblical Archaeology, Jerusalem 1990 1989-1992: Member of the Editorial Board, Yad Yizhak Ben-Zvi Publications, Jerusalem 1990-present: Member of the Editorial Board of Tel Aviv, Journal of the Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University 1990-2005: Member of the Editorial Board of the Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University 1991-1992: Member of two committees of the Council for Higher Education of The state of Israel 1991-1998: Member of the Ph. Students Committee of the School of Jewish Studies, Tel Aviv University 1991-1993: Scientific Advisor, The Archaeology of Syria-Palestine, an Encyclopedia, a publication of Garland Publishing Inc., New York 1992-2007: Member of the Archaeological Council of Israel 1992: Member of the advisory board, Oxford Companion to Archaeology (Oxford University Press) 1994: Member of the Editorial Board of Qadmoniot, Quarterly for the Antiquities of Eretz-Israel and Bible Lands 1996-1998: Member of the Committee for Academic Planning, Tel Aviv University 1998-2006: Member of the Editorial Board, Archaeology Odyssey. Front page story on the “Finkelstein correction” in the Wall Street Journal, December 31th, 1997. Two pages review of The Bible Unearthed in the New York Times Book Reviews, February 4th, 2001. Full page review of La Bible dévoilée (The Bible Unearthed in French) in Le Monde, June 7th 2002.

From 1987 Associate Professor with tenure 1987: Associate professor, Department for Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago 1990-present: The Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University. Alkow Chair in the Archaeology of Israel in the Bronze and Iron Ages, Tel Aviv University 2002: Teaching a seminar on the History and Archaeology of Ancient Israel at Texas Christian University. Interview in Le Nouvel Observateur, July 18th-24th, 2002. Two pages interview in Le Point, 19-26th September, 2003.

From 1992: Full Professor 1992/1993: Visiting Scholar, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University 1994-1998: Chairperson, Department of Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University 1996-2003: Director, The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University 1998/1999: Visiting Scholar, le Centre de Recherche d’Archéologie Orientale de l’Université de Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 1999: Teaching a seminar in the École pratique des Hautes Études, Section des Sciences Historiques et Philologiques, the Sorbonne, Paris: “Archéologie de la monarchie Israëlite unifiée (Xe-Xie siècle av. 2011: Teaching a graduate seminar on the History and Archaeology of Ancient Israel in the University of Buenos Aires 2012: Giving a series of four lectures in the College de France: The Emergence of the Northern Kingdom of Israel 2015: Giving a series of four-lecture in the Methodist University of San Paolo (Metodista) 1971: Educational excavation at Tel Beer-sheba, under Prof. Aharoni 1972-1974: Archaeological surveys in Sinai, under Dr. Meshel 1973-1979: Field Supervisor, Tel Aphek excavations, under Prof. Kochavi 1976-1978: Field Director, the Izbet Sartah excavations, under Prof. Kochavi 1976-1978: Director of the archaeological survey of Byzantine monastic remains in Southern Sinai 1977: Director of the rescue excavations at the mound of ancient Bene-Beraq 1979-1980: Co-director of the Tel Ira excavations (with Prof. Beit-Arieh) 1980-1987: Director of the Southern Samaria Survey 1981-1984: Director of the Shiloh excavations 1985-1986: Director of the Kh.

2000-2004: Member of the academic promotion committee of the Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University 2005-2007: Member of the Board of Governors, Tel Aviv University.

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