Queer dating blog

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Queer dating blog

Link: Unrequited Love today while im driving to work I will think of you and get butterflies.you have completely taken up all of the space in my mind. if I sit in silence I can still hear your sexy voice telling me how much I drive you crazy when I touch you there or taste that particular part of you. I’ve called you 8 times, but your phones off because you’re at work.

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I want 2 be patient enough 2 not get mad @ you when you don’t say it back because you can only say those 3 words when you truly mean it. I wonder if you can picture yourself with me forever? I’m past feeling my heart swell everytime our eyes meet. nope your eyes are still closed and you haven’t moved a muscle. t you’ve teased me far to long with the softness of your lips. I’ve never wanted to taste caramel so much until I felt the smoothness of your skin.

you will then tell me how you haven’t seen me at work in a while and I will tell you that my hours got cut because of all the new people getting hired, when what I really want to say is that its been torture not having seen your beautiful face in almost seven whole days.

you will then hug me as you always do and as your arms wrap around my body I will grow chills and my mind will enter another dimension where I am the only one that can have all of you.

as the movie lets out we will hold the doors open and greet the guests and I will take quick glances at you as the guests exit.

my knees will grow weak as I picture holding you tight in my arms and kissing your voluptuous lips under a full moon.

moans turn into screams of pleasure and I ask you to do me one favor.

once again black eyes meet hazel eyes and I say: “cum for me Ashley.” this time hazel eyez meet a caramel ear and I whisper softly “cum for me baby…you know you want to.” keeping in mind that you jus came 3X’s before and I know that your body can’t possibly take another but you always seem to surprise me. as you speak in your soft sexy voice to make sure that no one else hears the story but me, I will picture that same sexy tone whispering in my ear telling me how, when, and where you want me as I lay on top of you with my lips attached to your neck. you will then fill me in on everything that has been going on with you in the past week as we walk to the girls locker room to make sure we look cute in our uniforms.“hey you’ve reached Ashley, sorry im not here to answer your call at this time…” is all im hearing.your sexy voice is driving me crazy and I know that I should stop calling you, but I can’t bring myself to do so. you open the door and before you know it my hands are everywhere. I will snap back to life acting as if nothing happen, smile at you and reply “usher, I work as usher.” you will then hug me again saying how much you’ve missed me and that work has been very boring for you without me.

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