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And in that process I was given a credential to login and create my NEW account. And so I started out with a few posts in my sweet spot topics. And to my surprise, the new Contributor Platform allows writers to push the post live without “editor” intervention. And once of them, the “Dear Ex-wife” post began to trend. The kumbaya statement of community with the Contributor Platform looks like this, “The community we are working to build here is one where diverse, vibrant and original ideas are celebrated and elevated.

I’m guessing, from the comments on my previous posts about this issue, that I am not alone in this.

Dear Arianna Huffington Post and The Blog Team, your Statement of Community is just pretty words.

Until you provide a mechanism for feedback and give all of your writers an opportunity to communicate with you, there is no community.

Maybe they’ll open a new platform and give me a credential to login there, who knows.

Three Rules of an Open Community When you take out the third rule, you’ve created the same problem you had with the old platform.

([email protected]) And for two years I got nothing.

Then The Huffington Post finally made the transition to the new platform. I got a new author’s page and was set up to finally rejoin the ranks of Huffington Post blogger. In all of these cases there is a problem if The Huffington Post is attempting to foster a community spirit with their new Contributor Platform.You have created the idea of community while behaving like the same all-ruling dictator that we have come to know. The message of your community becomes more transparently BS when you realise there are many writers that have been cut off without explanation, like myself. I’d love to know how to get my publishing turned back on. Sincerely, John Mc Elhenney @jmacofearth Catch up on the entire Huffington Post story PS: I’d love to hear your Huff Po shutdown story in the comments.I’d love to know if you still value the 70 posts that are still live and still generating traffic on your blog. 2014 and my most recent publications on the new Contributor Platform in OCT. I struggled with this loss in my publishing platform.I wrote letters to Arianna, the woman who invited me into the publishing platform in the first place.So far, even on the new Contributor Platform I have been suppressed, on all of my posts, and not given any explanation or justification for what went wrong.