Parent dating after death

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Parent dating after death

While belief in reward and punishment after death is, according to Maimonides, one of the 13 major principles of our faith, we have no way of knowing exactly what is meant by this concept. Since our entry into the next world is preceded by the obligation for every one of us to watch the film record of our lives, what greater Hell can there be than for us to have to acknowledge our shameful actions and our unconscionable failings unto all eternity?

The Torah recorded the past as history; it chose to leave the future as mystery.

True, Jewish tradition never emphasized or even went into great detail about the specifics of the World to Come.

It was simply a given, a fact rooted, as biblical commentators explained, in the notion that we are created “in the image of God.” Since God is eternal, there is something within every one of us – the Divine essence that represents our identity and that we refer to as our souls – that must of necessity be equally eternal and immortal.

There will be time enough for us to discover the Divine master plan for the World to Come – once we get there.

But if we are to lead our lives with the proper sense of responsibility and purpose, there are some things that the Sages realized we have to know about.

Our past moral lapses cause us to shudder in pain; our victories over our evil inclinations provide us with a keen sense of spiritual triumph.

It is then that we realize in retrospect that we alone are the greatest judges of our own lives.And it is this momentary meeting that serves to give meaning to all of our lives.We suddenly grasp that everything we have ever done or said was in the presence of a Higher Power.That is the reason, many commentators suggest, that we are obligated to close the eyes of the deceased.The eyes that have now beheld God Himself must be shut off from any further contact with the profane.Our bodies, as material creations, came from the dust of the earth and have to return to their source; they disintegrate when they are buried.

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