Panahon ng dating bato

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Panahon ng dating bato

Having a beautiful voice, Oryol could change its image to deceive its enemies. He followed the beautiful voice and was almost enchanted by it in his pursiut.Days and nights passed until Oryol came to admire Handyong’s bravery and gallantry.

The second hero who came to the land of Ibalong was Handyong.

KINANSELA ang ilang domestic flights sa Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) ngayong araw ng Linggo.

Sa abiso ng Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), kanselado ang dalawang Air Swift flight na T6 837/838 biyaheng Manila-Basco-Manila at dalawang Skyjet flight na M8 816/817 na may kaparehong ruta.

There was Kimantong who made the plow, harrow, and other farming tools; Hablom who invented the first loom for weaving abaca clothes; Dinahong, an Agta, who created the stove, cooking pot, earthen jar, and other kitchen utensils; and Sural who brilliantly thought of the syllabary and started to write on a marble rock. Then suddenly, there came a big flood caused by Unos, with terrifying earthquakes. To do this, he took with him a thousand warriors to attack Rabot’s den.

The volcanoes of Hantik, Kulasi and Isarog erupted. But using his wisdom against Rabot, he did not attack the giant right away. Looking around the giant’s den, he discovered that there were many rocks surrounding it, and these were the people who were turned into rocks by Rabot.

Sinasabi pa sa mga alamat na alaala pa ng mga matanda na si Baltog ang kauna-unahang tao na sumuong sa Ibalon.

Ipinanganak si Baltog sa Boltavara, sa magiting na angkan ng mga Lipod, at simula’t simula pa, may taglay na siyang hiwaga ( kasamang pangkat ng mga mandirigma ang bayaning Handiong nang dumating sa Ibalon.

It was at this time that the savage monkeys became frightened and hid themselves.

Among the enemies of Handyong and his men, the serpent Oryol was the hardest to kill. So, alone and unafraid, Handyong decided to look for Oryol in the heart of the forest.

And using their spears and arrows, they killed all the crocodiles which were as big as boats.

With all these killings, the rivers and swamps of Ibalong turned red with blood.

Rivers changed their direction and the sea waves rolled high. Soon, the earth parted, mountains sank, a lake was formed, and many towns in Ibalong were ruined. Bantong also learned that Rabot loved to sleep during the day and stayed awake at night. When Rabot was already sleeping very soundly, Bantong came hear him.

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