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However, there are also ties of a shared history and culture that bind the people of the two countries.Many Muslims who chose to remain in India have close family members who moved to Pakistan and some Hindus remained behind in Pakistan, ensuring an intertwined destiny for the two countries.

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Baluchistan police chief Moazzam Ansari praised the response of security forces guarding the church, saying the attacker who made it inside was wounded and unable to reach the main building.He said: 'Otherwise the loss of lives could have been much higher.'Quetta police chief Abdur Razzaq Cheema said a search is under way for two suspected accomplices who escaped.Wasim Baig, spokesman for Quetta main hospital, confirmed the attack's toll, updating earlier accounts from officials. Muslim extremists have targeted Pakistan's small Christian minority in the past.Modern-day Pakistan is divided into four major geographic divisions known as the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), Punjab, Sind, and Baluchistan.Each of these regions has its own language and ethnic groups. 1700), including prehistoric remains at Mohenjo-Daro, near the modern Pakistani city of Larkana, and at Harappa, near the city of Lahore.The capital of Pakistan is the modern city of Islamabad, although its cultural and economic centers continue to be Lahore and Karachi. The Indus valley civilization has remained an interest for archaeologists because of the society's high level of sophistication and stability over several centuries.

Pakistan boasts the site of the famed Indus valley civilization (B. Pakistan's ethnic and cultural diversity has been formed through legacies of advancing Persians, Turks, Arabs, Huns, Greeks, and Mongols, most of whom practiced Islam.Local television showed ambulances and security patrols racing to the scene while women and children were being led out of the church's main gate.Hospital officials said two women were among the dead while another five women and two children were among the wounded.When the British finally left India in 1947, two independent states, India and Pakistan, were formed.The separation was a consequence of, and resulted in, feelings of some bitterness between the two nations.Es besteht Mglichkeit einer Modul 3 - Weiterbildung im Fach AWT zur Nutzung freier Software fr den Unterricht und fr die Unterrichtsvorbereitung. zu Bewerbungen knnen ebenfalls bei Bedarf neu aufgelegt werden.

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