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Please click the link below to contact / e-mail us to set up your account, or call us at 1-800-843-3937, option 7.

Once your device is ready I will issue a payment request, via Pay Pal, and you will get an automated notification from them.

For this to work properly I need the email you have registered with Pay Pal so that you can get the notification in your own language.

HVCC Appraisal Ordering provides dependable and accurate appraisals throughout the nation.

HVCC Appraisal Ordering was started by Appraisers with over 50 years experience.

Also, tracking usually works well except sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

CN22 will be for 100 Euro (that’s still below taxing limit) and the package will be send as priority insured item – you will need an ID document to claim it at your nearest post office.Other services, like EMS, are also possible but much more expensive – the prices start at 40 Euros and they don’t deliver everywhere.I will put CN22 sticker for 30 Euro gift on packages leaving EU / Schengen Area you but you might still be subject to additional taxes and/or import restrictions.Please make sure your Pay Pal shipping address is correct!I try to print it as-is but I have to put it on a sticker.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.