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Onlinedatingprocess com - American free online hot chat

She’s happy to continue to offer support until you feel comfortable going it alone.

It often takes quite a few weeks, even months to prepare your profile, organize your photographs and get your profile ready to go – depending on your own time constraints.Once you are successfully launched and armed with Bettina’s initial package of advice, you may choose to continue to receive her advice and support.Most of her clients find it useful to have her available for the next few months to help deal with issues as they arise – from writing appealing emails and handling difficult correspondence, to deciding which relationships to pursue.Feel free to discuss payment options with Bettina and she can negotiate an arrangement which suits you.She is very flexible about the time period, extending it if you go on holidays or are unable to date for any reason.She then sends through draft ideas for you to consider and edit.

If you wish, she can help you find a photographer and be involved in the choice of photographs.

The first telephone conversation, which is free and involves no obligation, will give Bettina some idea of your online dating history and what you are looking for in terms of support. Most of Bettina’s clients seek advice and support to help with the whole online dating process.

She will explain to you the costs you are likely to incur, depending on the services you want her to provide. Bettina can provide information about how to make contact with prospective dates, who to approach, how to respond to welcome or unwelcome attention and how to deal with issues that come up in these early relationships.

Bettina has inexpensive photographers in all major cities who have proved very successful at taking natural, flattering photographs for use with the profiles.

If you would like details of their services, please contact Bettina. Bettina is uniquely placed to provide these services, after spending over thirty years editing and writing for all Australia’s major newspapers and magazines.

In order to write the profile, you will need to supply Bettina with the information she needs.

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