Online dating scam herpes

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Online dating scam herpes - sarov anna russian romance dating yahoo

People with HPV, HSV-1, HSV-2, HIV, Hepatitis, and other STDs are served in the same searchable profile database, so you can select just to see profiles with HSV-1 and/or HSV-2 or HPV.

Bay Area Friends (BAF) is not a dating service and provides no personal ads. Great (Probably not their real name) (Scam/Fraud) [email protected] Axe (Now they are just getting lazy) (Scam/Fraud) [email protected] We have decided to start a permanent list that will continue to grow. Send us another email or blog post claiming how your secret herbal potion cures herpes. Your Pal, HWerks.(If any of our readers come across anybody that sounds too good to be true, post them in the comments!Occasionally someone will organize a Speed Dating Event, but otherwise, our events are not specifically for singles.That said, most BAF members are single and many members do meet people to date at BAF Events. These are the biggest offenders for spamming our blog.

The only reason we did include their contact information is for people who run across them and decide to Google them. EDE-MEME (Scam/Fraud) [email protected] also sells a “Love spell potion.” Dr.

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Please Note: A Class Action Law Suit was filed against Positive Singles and their parent company, Successful Match, in January 2012.

What is more professional than wanting you to contact him via his Whatsapp number? She just “Applied” his “Herbal medicine potion” and after a month she was cured of her herpes! Silver (Scam/Fraud) [email protected] to this person’s testimonial, they visited Dr Silver Herbal Center and they were cured of herpes by one of their herbal medicines. Silver’s herbal “Medicine” can cure not only STDs but also cure miscarriage, stillbirth (Yes, that is what they claim), drop in sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

He claims to cure herpes with his special blend of herbal medicine via a testimonial (You see a pattern here? Whatsapp numbers must be popular with these guys because Dr. Now, we are thinking that it is only a handful of you running these herpes cure scams but you are going by a lot of different names. You basically promise to cure everything including Herpes, HPV, epilepsy, HIV, asthma, ALS…you get the idea. You use the term “Doctor” loosely and are a scam as well.

) Besides herpes, he will also whip you up a batch of something for Diabetes, Hemorrhoids and Penis Enlargement just to name a few.