Online dating men with children

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Online dating men with children - speed dating cairns queensland

After assuring my husband that this wasn't some elaborate scheme to cheat on him, I decided to see whether or not checking the "has a kid" box made me more or less desirable in the online dating world.I created profiles on two online dating sites: Plenty of Fish (POF) and Ok Cupid. I chose those sites mainly because they both ask whether or not you have children when creating your profile.

In fact, in some ways I felt like it made me more "marketable" to potential partners.

The pure stats: When I didn't check the box on Ok Cupid (it looked like I had "no children"), I received 36 messages and 131 likes.

check the box saying that I did have children on Plenty of Fish, I got 65 messages, 99 "meet me requests" (the exact number is unknown, but from the push notifications from my phone, I'd wager the number higher than 131).

Admitting to having children made me more "real." Online dating is a crap shoot.

In the day and age of , fraud scams, and other methods of deceiving people through the internet, people, especially those vulnerable enough to put themselves out there to find love, want assurances that the person they are falling for is really the person that they think he or she is. The people who contacted me on POF —mostly men although there were some women — were generally not my type.

After results like these, I feel pretty confident that if I needed to, I could find a date.

Actually, I was on a self-esteem high all that week, but that's another experiment ...There was only one guy out of all the men who clicked on my Ok Cupid profile that I'd actually consider meeting if I were single. I asked him whether or not it mattered if a woman states in her profile that she has kids.His response was, "yes," but not for the reasons I thought.By being honest about my children, it shows potential matches that I have nothing to hide, and that I am indeed presenting to them person I claim to be. However, I did receive the most genuine-sounding messages from this online profile. That's a blessing," and "I'm a father too." Another man wrote me an entire page discussing his views on family values, where he has traveled, where he grew up, and what his life goals are.He even started his letter off with "Bonjour Mademoiselle." To my surprise, after wading through the many "wassup" and "hey sexy" messages, I thought that many were trying to make a real connection with me.I did not expect potential matches, especially those in the age range I specified in my profile, to be so willing to get to know a single mom of 3-year-old twins.

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