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Department of Justice Southern District of Ohio Gregory G.

The sex offender registry requirement of Turner’s sentence is mandatory under California law for the felony offenses he committed, not up to the judge, who noted at the sentencing hearing that it was part of the price Turner will pay.

Miller was on probation with the State of Ohio and was a registered sex offender when he was arrested on November 28, 2005. But they are also a means by which people can exploit the vulnerable.

Parents needs to be extra vigilant and communicate with their children to help prevent this type of behind-closed-doors activity.

Miller also contacted many of these minors by phone.

His activities were exposed after one of the girls sent a love letter to the fictitious young male, addressed to Miller’s former place of employment.

But California and South Carolina are the only states that require all sex offenders to register for life.

Even one of the judge’s harshest critics, Stanford professor and recall leader Michele Dauber, who maintains Turner should have served time in prison, said lifetime registration is too long in his case. “I’d say he should get off after 10 years, if he is a Boy Scout and stays out of trouble,” Dauber said.When these minors activated their webcams, unbeknownst to them, Miller was watching and recording. “There are no words to convey just how disturbing cases are that involve the sexual exploitation of children.Miller specifically targeted webcams used by minor-age females and sought to, and at times, did, obtain, view, and record at least some motion images of these minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, without the minors knowing that Miller was watching and recording. Computers are a necessary and important part of life today.Turner prosecutor Alaleh Kianerci, who sought six years in state prison, in June described Turner as a “continuing threat to the community.” Maria Ruiz, the Miami-area nurse who collected 1.2 million signatures online for Persky’s ouster through means other than a recall, such as by the state Commission on Judicial Performance, has no qualms about the lifetime albatross around Turner’s neck.“I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Brock Turner,” Ruiz said.“After death and life without parole,” Goodman said, “having to register as a sex offender is the worst punishment.” Contact Tracey Kaplan at 408-278-3482.

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