Objectivism dating

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Objectivism dating

He cannot be both things at once, because contradictions cannot exist.A thing is what it is, not something else entirely.

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Brownian motion - · The permanent erratic movement of particles suspended in a liquid, first noticed by the English botanist Robert Brown in 1828.

It does not seem possible that he can be both, and yet he seems to be.

In asking her to check her premises, Francisco suggests that it is indeed not possible.

The man he refers to is the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, whose work had a profound influence on Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism.

The concept that A is A was put forth in Aristotle’s Law of Identity, where he held that everything that exists has a specific nature and a single identity. For Galt (embodying Rand’s philosophy), this means that things exist: they are what they are regardless of the nature of the observer.

In Francisco’s comment, Prometheus (personified by Galt) represents the great industrialists who have provided men with prosperity and improved their lives with their inventions and products, but have received only condemnation and government interference in return.

These men, led by Galt, have disappeared and taken their prosperity-generating minds (the “fire” they had provided) with them.Francisco says this to Dagny in Part One, Chapter VII, when she challenges him for squandering his talent as a worthless playboy.Dagny asks him how he can be such a paradox, how a man as capable, brilliant, and accomplished as he is can also choose to be a worthless playboy.He tells her they will have to see which one of them is right.Later, when it is clear that Galt’s way was right, Dagny solemnly recites the oath to Francisco in the Taggart Terminal just before they rescue Galt from the looters, in Part Three, Chapter IX.They will no longer allow themselves to receive torture as payment for their talents, and they will only return their talents to the world when they are no longer punished for bringing them.

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