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The pics loaded slowly and in the third a man popped up only to be undressed by the woman and sucked to ejaculation on her face, she didn't strip at all. "I thought the woman stripping was involved and Mustafa is going to come on Rula.

As Peter was her husband it was deemed that the pic was OK if Rula didn't object. Karen was next and looked cocky because the live round had gone off. There was a round of applause and as she came down from an intense orgasm she shyly smiled and thanked everyone. "I really didn't think I could get off in front of a crowd but it was intense." Last up was Becky, her husband, Roger nominated Allan once more. "This pic is almost slutty, maybe it's a bluff." Clicking on it she found she had only to strip to her underwear.She performed the action and posed for a while as in the most revealing picture, then re-dressed.This was necessary to allow the game to start from that state for every choice. "I have to admit that was exciting but I am also relieved that the first one wasn't the worst, or best, possible outcome." I asked Christine to go next and again Frank nominated Allan.This is not a spectator evening." "Rule three is that, whatever happens here stays here. You have to agree to the rules or we can't start" There was quite a bit of low level chatter between the couples and eventually all agreed. I asked Saleen and Mustafa if they were really sure as Mustafa had been reluctant even for his wife to get naked let alone really swing. "We talked a lot about this and decided we would go for it." I said. Just so we can be sure Saleen, how about you choose first?You will get the best chance to choose an innocuous reveal." Mustafa said.We agreed a rule that once a man had interacted they could not be chosen immediately again.

Christine clicked on her chosen picture and it opened a page where she would have to be completely nude and even show off her pussy and arse.

When Allan got home I explained about her visit and he thought about it for a while. "I've been thinking about this and, as I understand it, she wants real sex between mismatched couples.

But you do need an icebreaker and that kind of thing on the internet is fairly naff.

As the trousers went down they revealed what looked to be quite a large cock inside his boxers and Rula was a little taken aback.

She got his feet out of the trouser legs and reached up to stroke him through the boxers. "That wasn't shown in the pictures, just get it over with.

"Time for me to come," Which he did, drenching Rula's face in a load of come.

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