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, God gave me the understanding that we always need to reach out to the poor.

In their darkest moment, they may remember that and realize, “Jesus loves me and He gave me these shoes.” That’s the moment when God’s love is real to someone who has been hurting and hopeless.

But God has given us an exciting opportunity to be part of the solution.

Through a new initiative – called Classrooms of Hope – we’re providing a happy place of refuge for many boys and girls in one of the poorest provinces of South Africa, the Eastern Cape.

But since joining one of our feeding programs, many things have changed for this precious girl.

Read more about the changes in Rinah’s life on page 14 of the 2016 Annual Report Women who’ve endured unbelievable heartbreak and pain. Women who’ve been told their bodies can be sold to the highest bidder.

See the rest of Theresa’s story on page 30 of the 2016 Annual Report Tucked away in a little corner of southern India is the village of Munagala.

It’s colorful, quaint and full of character…but if you lived there, all of that would soon be overshadowed by a scarcity of water.What God has done there is a beautiful illustration of this. He has led us to them, and as we began to meet their physical needs, their hearts were opened to the Gospel.You will be thrilled to read about the joy you have brought them. I’ve lived a lot of years and have discovered that we are never We were told this would be a difficult trip.Far too many women and girls simply do not understand how truly valuable they are, and our desire is to do everything we can to meet their basic needs, share with them just how much God loves them, and give them hope for a brighter future.Read more about our newest initiative, Project GRL on page 18 of the 2016 Annual Report As you have seen, many girls who are denied education often end up in a cycle of poverty that leads to some pretty hopeless situations.But as we’ve shared the love of Christ, we’ve shown them how to hope and dream.

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