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Just call them and demand to be COMPLETELY removed from their systems (meaning ALL info purged since you have completed no business with them) and if they refuse you will have your attorney contact them.

You could try Big Lots or Ollie's but those are items from their "Advanced" program (they now have the "Success" program) that have been discontinued since about 6-8 months ago and, while NS' shelf-stable foods have a long shelf life (anywhere from 6-18 months, depending), bear in mind certain things like cakes and bars are going to start showing their ages at this point.NO MEANS NO, lol, please, we have enough problems without that kind of hassel!Does anyone know a way around the auto-withdrawals with Nutrisystem?It's definitely an area that could use some improvement along the lines of training and making sure their folks know what to say and not contradict each other.They could also do a better job of communicating info to the public in terms of explaining plans, letting people know timelines of new food releases, etc.The Advanced items have a date stamped on them that is actually the production date so if you see a number that looks like, for instance, 100511, then that item was produced on October 5, 2011.

(The Success line has a "best by" date on them.) As far as the program itself, if you like the foods, don't have certain pre-existing allergies or intolerances, and can follow the plan, it works.I have had Nutrisystem , twice with a few years in between.I paid by credit card and never had automatic withdrawal. Are you dealing with Nutrisystem directly or HSN or QVC ?But if you sign up for an autopay thing, they will charge your card for the 2nd payment if you don't return the initial shipment within the first month.I went straight to the nutrisystem website and then cancelled the transaction at the last minute when I found out what they wanted to do. I had a deal where it would only cost 9 for a month.

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    He also sees that the victim is pale - so much for the tanning salon theory.