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continuation of the article about Kung Fu Dunk movie Singapore Press Conference 2008 the link -

Director: Cao Zhipeng Cast: Baron Chen Liu Yun Chen Shali Li Jinzhe Gao Baobao Ai Liya Wang Quanyou Zhou Hong Also Known As: Ai Le Le De Luo Man Di Ke Country: China Language: Mandarin Release Date: 2013Episodes: 35Runtime: 45 minutes per episode Genre: Drama Storyline: Perhaps is decreed by fate, AI Lele deserve to meet the enemy.

The end*****In addition, two videos from the press-conference of Kung Fu Dunk movie Singapore Press Conference 2008, part 1 - 2All you know about a new Korean version of the best taiwanese "Fated to love you" drama 2008 which is a remake of the same name.

If you're enjoying the funny and tear-inducing scenes in the current k-drama "Fated To Love You," you may want to check out the Taiwanese version.

The major rival team, lead by Lee Tien, is so ruthless they have been banned from competing in the United States.

In the championship match against Ting-Weis team, they bride the referees to turn a blind eye to their underhanded tactics against the humble university team.

In the 2008 Taiwanese drama the Jang Nara role is played by Joe Chen and Ethan Juan plays the Jang Hyuk role.

Baron Chen plays the Choi Jin Hyuk role and Bianca Bai takes on the Wang Ji Won role.The series scored the highest average single episode rating in China and won several awards.Baron Chen as Dylan: He is like a guardian to Chen Xin Yi, always protecting her and helping her, and he loves her as well. A very cool, calm-headed, rational character and very smooth acting, suits Baron.In a bid to get her attention, he acts out by challenging the team star and Li-Lis idol Xiao-Lan, throwing off the teams game.Ting-Wei steps in to resolve the conflict, and in the process, helping Shi-Jie to focus his energies on the game and adapting his kung fu skills for basketball.Meanwhile, he helped Shi Jie combine his foundation of Kung-Fu skills into basketball techniques, which in turn brings his skills into full play and helps the team win many rounds of the inter-varsity tournament.

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