Lauren graham who is she dating

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We stayed friends over the years, and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work,” she told Redbook.In a recent interview with People, she talked about their comfortable banter.

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I don’t want to read too much into anything, but it’s often said that some people are married to their political ideals.

Finally, you’ll be asked about all the pranks everyone supposedly pulls on set all the time.

Most films and TV shows have very long hours, and no one I know pulls pranks on set – except maybe George Clooney.

Graham explained that the fact that they’re both shy may have been the reason it took them some time to come together.

“You know, he’s obviously a very confident, appealing guy, but he’s shy, and so am I.

Is it possible that Graham and Krause have gotten married without letting anyone know?

Considering how secret these two are about their personal lives, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.After that ended, I contracted a case of man-repellentitis so severe that it is still being studied. For a very long time I worked and worked, and then I looked up one day and all my friends were married with children.They were still my friends, but they had become part of a community I wasn’t in, a club I didn’t belong to.But, like the news that Alexis Bledel had a baby without anyone knowing about it, I would imagine any marriage would have been revealed by now.Besides, Graham has spoken openly about how happy she is with her relationship exactly as it stands.The couple manages to keep their relationship under Hollywood’s radar.