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Anna Lind-Hansen (born September 16, 1985) is a PA and promotional model from Frankston, in Melbourne, Victoria.

I saw the cover, and it reminded me of Weekend at Bernie's so felt the need to see it.

She was taken to the Revenge Room with Camilla on Day 9 as part of a fake Double Eviction.

From the Revenge Room, they enacted revenge on the housemates who had nominated them by being allowed to control elements of the House such as when the hot water was turned off.

Instead of also cancelling the amazing tropical honeymoon, why don't the two of them go instead, on an epic "homie-moon." What is supposed to be a refreshing weekend of rest and relaxation turns into an all-out bonkers adventure of epic proportions.

Harry and Bowie will have the time of their lives, if they can just survive this Random Tropical Paradise.

Later that day, Ashley and John were removed from the House under escort due to their breach of the rules.

Queensland Police were informed of the incident but do not plan to pursue the matter.He was often seen in the House talking about cars, a passion of his.Ashley revealed on Day 33 that he had never met his brother and sister and finding them was part of the reason why he participated in Big Brother.Camilla Severi (alias "Camilla Halliwell"), born October 28, 1983, in South Africa, is a student and nightclub host from Rowville, Melbourne, Victoria and was the runner-up of Big Brother 2006.She entered the House on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series.He entered the House on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series.

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    You both need to set limits with the daughter and keep them, and make some protected time for yourselves.