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Every man wants to have a working wife to pay those pesky EMIs, plus a loving mother for Tunnu and Munnu, but few men actually want to take time off for PTA meetings, so inevitably it falls to the woman, who is then branded "irresponsible" by employers.We are already seeing the consequences of husbands not sharing housework in Japan, where many working women prefer not to marry, or not to have children.

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Indian women are dropping out in worryingly large numbers in middle management, when family responsibilities tend to kick in.It also has garnered invaluable press, not just as a woman-friendly company, but as a family-friendly one.What's stopping other companies from doing the same?But if I go, my daughter will have to give up working.How can I do this to her, after all her years of hard study?There's a lot of jingoistic guff talked about Indian family values.

But what this usually means is shoving the burden of childrearing onto an exhausted grandmother who would like to say no, but can't.

" Another banker friend who works twelve-hour days with frequent travel feels crushing guilt about making her elderly mother-in-law look after her boisterous toddler. I spent years working for this; do I just quit and sit at home?

" There's a lot of jingoistic guff talked about Indian family values.

We tell ourselves that it keeps them young and fit, but who are we kidding?

Most grannies love to look after their kids, but not 24/7 and not as substitute parents.

I say, behind every successful Indian woman, there is an often exhausted grandmother.

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