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Though the main players in Japanese social media haven’t changed since our 2016 report, their positions and users have.

Welcome back to our annual social media Japan report!

If this is your first look into Japanese social media, we recommend checking out our 2016 Japanese social media report.

Reading it will give you a good understanding of how social media in Japan is different compared to other markets.

Fortunately, Japan's night owls will soon be able to party without fear.

A campaign led by world-famous Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, calling for the abolition of the ban, gained 150,000 signatures.

Japan has lifted a 67-year-old ban on dancing, to the delight of the nation's clubbers.

The ban forbids public dancing unless the venue has a licence, and even licenced premises have to stop all dancing by midnight.The new law was finally ratified last week, and will come into force next year.Until then, late-night dancing will remain illegal.Twitter reported having over 40 million users in Japan in 2016.This overshadows Facebook’s 25 million Japanese users and dwarfs Instagram’s 12 million.As we’ve mentioned in previous analyses, Twitter Japan’s success is largely due to its mobile-friendliness and anonymity among its network, two factors that have shown to be very important to Japanese social networkers.