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As well as being packed with mountains, waterfalls and historic villages, Jamaica has culture, and its one of the most fascinating and accessible in the Caribbean.

Late Nov-early Dec provide a quieter, and better value, alternative.If the locals are eating there, you know it is going to be good.Jerk chicken straight off the BBQ washed down with a cold can of Red Stripe is a culinary experience that is difficult to beat!Temperatures vary little in Jamaica, averaging mid to high 20Cs year round, although the wet and humid summer months are slightly warmer.Peak season in Jamaica starts in the week or so before Christmas, and carries on til mid Apr.Second, Rastafarianism is a recognised religion which was developed in the 1930s, although it was popularised globally by Bob Marley and reggae music in the 1970s. Its archaic laws forbid sex between men, and its culture is dominated by hypermasculinity which stands in direct opposition to homosexuality, as well as by the conservative values of the Christian church.

Rastafarians believe in the repatriation of black people to Africa, eating clean foods and avoiding alcohol, and consider former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie (aka. Some resorts claim to be open to all, but stepping outside the gates as a gay couple is another issue. As with travel anywhere, there are areas that you should not visit.

Mid December all the way through January, February and March to mid April is peak season, when prices rise, and places will get very busy. If travelling at this time, book well in advance, and spend some time away from the most popular beach spots and preferably inland.

Around Easter, in March and mid April, spring break crowds arrive.

If you like travelling with likeminded people who want to get away from the all inclusive hotels, then a small group tour gives you that option.

Keeping the group small means interaction with your guide and local people is maximised, while costs are kept lower than travelling on a private tour or excursion.

The yard houses artifacts including guitars, a rusting campervan and Bob and Rita Marleys single bed.